AVDRN offers several training courses throughout the year to help our volunteers and community prepare and train to be ready before disaster. Following are steps to help navigate registration as an AVDRN volunteer and/or Non-AVDRN volunteer.

AVDRN Volunteers*

1) Complete AVDRN’s How to Become a Volunteer process. (required to register for courses).

2) Choose a course of interest from our Training Courses page.

3) Login to your Volunteer Profile through our database to register.**

*For those that are experiencing extreme hardship due to losing a job and/or full-time student, scholarship pricing is available. Authorization for scholarship pricing is given by Email to apply before registering for courses.

**Login access for volunteers are given after completion of AVDRN’s New Volunteer Orientation.

Non-AVDRN Class Attendees

1) Choose a Training Course from our Training Courses page and make payment from the instructions listed under the training requirements provided on the course of your choice.

2) Complete AVDRN’s Course Registration Form once payment has been made to reserve your seat for the course selection of your choice.


If you should experience problems during registration online, please write to for further assistance.

Note: Most courses listed require volunteers to login. Login access is provided to our volunteers after completion of AVDRN’s Orientation and Preparedness course. Online registration and payment for classes in advance can prevent an additional $15 administrative fee added to payments received at the door.

CERT classes are offered through the LA County Fire Department and under the LA County Sheriff’s Department.


If you have been blessed by attending one of our advanced trainings and would like to help someone else to attend training, please click below to donate one or more scholarship gifts of $47.50. Please be sure to put in the “notes” section of the donation, “scholarship funding.”