AVDRN offers various opportunities for compassionate volunteers to find their niche and levels of participation within our organization through various core teams, training pathways, and leadership roles. To become a volunteer and join our network, there are several steps that we take to ensure all of our volunteers meet the needs of local agencies, government and city requirements in order to allow us to do what we do best – serve others in times of disaster.

Please complete the following 3 Easy Steps to become an official AVDRN Volunteer, enjoy our network benefits, register for specific training classes, receive a badge to serve alongside AVDRN and receive our official field shirt.

Attend Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Orientations are free to attend. Click below to view a course overview, a list of dates, and an online registration form to reserve your seat. Once you have completed the 3 hour course, login credentials will be provided to allow you to register for courses. Please be sure to complete STEP 2 and STEP 3 of the process, as they are required.

Complete Background Check

Step 1: Pay for Background Check

To submit a payment for a background check, please click the PAY NOW button below. The cost is $10 and will be processed through AVDRN’s secure online PayPal account.

Note: Payments for background checks are suggested donations to cover the cost of the badge and the processing of the background check. This is not required if your financial situation does not permit it at this time.

Step 2: Complete AVDRN’s Online Background Check

By clicking the link below, you will be taken to AVDRN’s online background check. Please complete the online form and submit.

To view more details regarding AVDRN’s Background Check process, confidentiality and considerations for clearing the process, click here


Complete Online New Volunteer Application

In order to become a volunteer, it is required that each volunteer application be filled out to completion and submitted. Please click on the button below to complete the online form. Once you click the button below, you will be taken to the login screen of AVDRN’s database. You will see a “NEW VOLUNTEER APPLICATION” link below the EMAIL box. Click the link to begin the online application process.