Thank you for your interest in AVDRN. We are an organization made up of volunteers from a network of churches in the Antelope Valley area who are trained, equipped and prepared as loving Christians to serve those in need in times of disaster, great or small. Our mission, to positively impact those affected by disaster by revealing the love of Jesus, is carried out by preparing our volunteers and empowering them to use their gifts to serve others in times of need.

Disaster occurs and instantly communities and lives are changed. We believe that in the moments following the initial disaster, AVDRN can have a powerful impact. To be prepared and ready, AVDRN has created training pathways that help our volunteers identify their strengths and allows our volunteers to choose how to best use their gifts. Whatever level of involvement, whether you are interested in volunteering time with our staff, deploying, becoming a Chaplain or assisting families, AVDRN welcomes you. Our orientation will provide answers to your initial questions and to help you find your comfort level of support within our organization.


Every new volunteer that wants to join the AVDRN network is required to take this 3hr class to give you an introduction to AVDRN, how to get involved, and the impact we are having on our community and/or families we are serving in times of disaster. Every volunteer that completes this course and completes a background check will receive an AVDRN badge and become a certified AVDRN volunteer.

New Volunteers – Mandatory Training
AVDRN Orientation

Course Time: 2 Hours
Training Cost: Free
How to Register: Fill out the online form with chosen attendance date


• Introduction to AVDRN
What we are about, the impact we are having on our Community and how to get involved with AVDRN
• Training Pathway Overview
Each volunteer is given the opportunity to choose their involvement level based on the direction they choose through training pathways provided.
• AVDRN Deployment
Review what it means to be ready to deploy with AVDRN
• AVDRN Core Teams
Introduction to our Core Teams within AVDRN, how we function and how to get involved or be part of the leadership team
• Meet your AVDRN DRC
Meet your Disaster Relief Coordinator (DRC), understand their role in assisting you on your pathway to become an AVDRN trained volunteer.

To register for one of the upcoming orientations that is most convenient for your schedule fill out the following form and press submit.

Master Orientation Registration Form

  • Class is FREE but required for anyone desiring to become a volunteer with the Antelope Valley Disaster Relief Network.