Background Check

In partnership with our local government, American Red Cross and local churches, all AVDRN volunteers are required to have their name checked on the National Sex Offender list in order to receive an official AVDRN Yellow Badge and be able to purchase an AVDRN Volunteer Field Shirt. Volunteers with a sex offender offense on their record or convicted of any crimes against minors will not be able to receive an AVDRN badge or an official AVDRN shirt. Volunteers that have a felony charge on their record within 7 years will not be able to receive an AVDRN badge. A volunteer with a felony record may receive an AVDRN white badge after 7 years from the date of the felony.

Getting your background check completed is a simple process.

Will my information be confidential?

AVDRN commits to you that your background check information is confidential. The approval process can take up to 24 hours. Once you have completed the online form successfully, you should see a “Thank You! Your background check has been completed” screen. If you chose the option to receive a copy of your background check, an email should be sent to you within 48 hours. AVDRN will let you know whether your background check was approved or not prior to receiving an AVDRN badge.

What offenses are considered in the background check process?

Below is a list of felony offenses that would hinder an individual from being certified if the offense has been under 7 years. If you have questions or if you do not pass the background check, please email (Note: High security military personnel will need to call to give personal information in order to pass the background check).

Violent Crimes · Arson · Kidnapping
· Assault · Manslaughter
· Battery · Murder (including attempted)
· Burglary · Reckless endangerment
· Carrying a concealed weapon · Unlawful imprisonment
· Child abuse or neglect · Unlawful wounding
· Harassment · Vehicular homicide/manslaughter
· Homicide · Violation of restraining order
Sex Crimes · Crime against nature · Selling/distributing child pornography
· Indecent exposure · Sexual assault
· Pornography · Sexual exploitation
· Presence on a sex offender list or registry · Sexual misconduct
· Prostitution · Solicitation of prostitute
Financial Crimes · Access Device Fraud · Forgery
· Burglary · Fraud
· Embezzlement · Robbery
· Extortion · Theft
· Financial exploitation · Worthless Checks
Drug Crimes · Manufacturing, delivering, possessing, using a controlled substance
Miscellaneous Crimes · Accessory or principal to a felony
· Evading arrest; fleeing from an officer
· Impersonating an officer
· Obstruction of justice; obstruction of officers
· Perjury
· Tampering with utility meters
· Tampering with a witness
· Threatening telephone calls

For more information, please email Thank you!