Through past national disasters like 9/11, Katrina, as well as the local Powerhouse fire and WestLake flooding incidents, AVDRN has quickly found out that our government, local agencies, churches and ministries alone are not big enough to embrace and handle the magnitude of destruction these disasters bring. Specifically government and local agencies are not equipped to minister to the overwhelming emotional and spiritual needs of individuals affected by a disaster.

With the threat of impending major earthquakes long overdue, Pacific hurricanes, wildfires, mudslides, escalating threats of terrorism, bio-chemical warfare, and pandemic catastrophes, the body of Christ in the Antelope Valley, like Joseph in the Bible, need to be equipped to respond to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of these individuals. In preparation for these long-term disaster relief efforts, AVDRN is developing and training a network of churches and volunteers to organize, mobilize and connect in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Today, there is a growing sense of urgency amongst Christian leaders that at any given time anything could happen and the church must be ready!

Our hope is that AVDRN can bring emotional, physical and spiritual relief to those devastated by fires, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Surviving families will be sponsored and lives transformed.


In our planning stages, AVDRN has collaborated with the Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale as well as surrounding communities and other disaster relief organizations. From our inception, city and local government entities challenged and opened a great opportunity for AVDRN and the body of Christ with critical needs they asked us to fulfill, one of which being to adopt/sponsor families affected by disaster to provide long-term relief.


Our current model represents three areas of focus.

1. We are a Network of Relationships. It is at the core of everything we do. AVDRN Coordinates with local and state government, disaster agencies, businesses, ministries and the local church. We facilitate and assist in communication, building bridges and fostering trust and understanding between the various groups involved.

2. We are Disaster Preparedness and Training. We offer a variety of different training classes to prepare Christians emotionally, spiritually and physically to effectively respond in times of disaster. Our focus is to train them to be prepared as an individual or family and equipped to help their neighbor or city. AVDRN also prepares churches to respond to emergencies within their community.

3. We are Disaster Relief Operations. We deploy trained volunteers in times of disaster in multiple areas such as: Emergency Medical Response, Trauma and Emotional Care, Chaplaincy, Case Management, Sponsoring Surviving Families, HAM Radio Communications, Call Center Operations, Warehouse, Clean-Up, and more.


1. We believe our plan is simple and powerful when united under the banner of Jesus Christ.

2. It creates community among the Body of Christ.

3. The local churches involved are autonomous in their approach to helping those in need.


As AVDRN develops, we will divide the greater Antelope Valley area into 10-12 sectors and develop each of those sectors to respond to needs within a matter of hours after a disaster strikes. Each sector will have an AVDRN Sector Leader that will organize and mobilize the community of churches, ministries and businesses within the sector to effectively work together.

Disaster Relief Coordinators

Each church, ministry or business participating will be asked to assign a dedicated Disaster Relief Coordinator (DRC) that will act as a liaison between their organization and AVDRN.

Sector Leaders

AVDRN’s Sector Leaders will primarily work with the Disaster Relief Coordinators (DRC) in their sector to develop volunteers, collect data, organize vital resources within their organization, coordinate training, implement the organization’s disaster plan, and collaborate with other DRCs within the sector.

Church Designation

Each church that joins the network will be given one of four designations, depending on the size of the church. To keep it simple, these categories are: X-Large, Large, Medium or Small. By doing this, it will help us determine the number of families a church community may sponsor, depending on the number of people affected by the disaster.

Ministry & Business Designation

Each ministry and business that joins the network will also be designated as one of six categories: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Furniture, Warehouse, and Transportation. By categorizing ministries and businesses, this will help AVDRN determine in advance our network’s resources and help us work efficiently and effectively in a timely manner.

Sponsoring Families

Our ultimate goal is to make sure every family affected by a disaster is sponsored by our network of churches to provide for their emotional, physical and spiritual short and long-term needs in an effective, efficient and organized manner. We believe this is the Lord’s heart. AVDRN will help identify and train Disaster Relief Shepherds (those who will walk with these families) within a church and will provide additional resources to participating churches through our network of ministries and businesses, to help meet these families’ needs.

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