To achieve the fullness of which God is calling you to serve the Antelope Valley area and those in need, there are two critical factors you must consider:
The first involves your gifting and skills needed to do the work. Through the practical disaster relief training given to you and your own life experience, we are confident that you will competently accomplish the volunteer position you have agreed to fulfill.

The second factor is even more important. It is your character and level of spiritual maturity. Gifts and abilities alone cannot sustain lasting success, no matter what the endeavor. A strong character is necessary to withstand the pressure, adversity and persecution that often come in the line of service as God’s people. We are to demonstrate godly principles in every situation and towards all people. We will serve all races, all nationalities and people types without prejudice to their particular religion, political view or ideological nature. Our sole purpose is to meet the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of everyone affected by disaster. In the Word, the best description of this is in the story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) when Jesus describes who our neighbor is and what it means to love our neighbor.

AVDRN is partnering with several agencies and government officials in the process such as the American Red Cross. Our desire is to honor them for the favor they have extended to us by submitting to their wishes within their emergency shelters, to not boldly proselytize to anyone affected by disaster in a manner that would discredit AVDRN and the Body of Christ. This applies only if you decide to become a Red Cross Shelter volunteer, either as a shelter staff or shelter manager and you are working in a Red Cross emergency shelter. Proper training on this subject will be given to all Red Cross shelter volunteers.

On our website, we are asking you to click on the “I Agree” button if you agree and commit to abide by the principles made in this document. Individuals who willfully refuse to abide by these principles will be asked to leave their volunteer posts with AVDRN.
Prayerfully read through and humbly consent to follow in word and deed. I promise to demonstrate:

  • A caring heart shown by compassion and understanding of evacuees’ situation and needs.
  • A faithful heart shown by reliability and dependability. I can be counted on to do what I promise.
  • A humble spirit to those I serve those I work with, and to those in authority.
  • Sincerity as shown in concern for others. I will not take advantage of anyone. I will uphold the confidentiality of every person.
  • A kindred spirit as I work and serve others with a unity of heart and purpose to live out the gospel with other believers.
  • Responsibility as I respond to each situation with the best of my ability, compassion and integrity.
  • Love with kindness, patience and believing the best of others.
  • Prudence to use common sense, frugality and farsightedness as I distribute and use resources.
  • Honesty. I will admit mistakes and figure out how correct my mistakes. I will be transparent in all of my transactions.

I agree to live out these values as an ambassador of Christ to the hurting and needy as a volunteer of AVDRN and as a representative of my congregation.