We are a Network of Relationships

It is at the core of everything we do. AVDRN Coordinates with local and state government, disaster agencies, businesses, ministries and the local church. We facilitate and assist in communication, building bridges and fostering trust and understanding between the various groups involved.

We are Disaster Preparedness
& Training

We offer a variety of different training classes to prepare Christians emotionally, spiritually and physically to effectively respond in times of disaster. Our focus is to train them to be prepared as an individual or family and equipped to help their neighbor or city. AVDRN also prepares churches to respond to emergencies within their community.

We are Disaster Relief Operations

We deploy trained volunteers in times of disaster in multiple areas such as: Emergency Medical Response, Trauma and Emotional Care, Chaplaincy, Case Management, Sponsoring Surviving Families, HAM Radio Communications, Call Center Operations, Warehouse, Clean-Up, and more.

Antelope Valley Disaster Relief Network is a network of churches
preparing to help our community during disaster.


Serve others through the love of Christ.

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